Shopping Guide for Washing Machines
  • Spin speed is one of the most important indicators to be considered when buying a washing machine. Rotation per Minute (rpm) shows how many times the drum rotates in a minute. This rotation speed increases when spinning and reaches theindicated speed. When it reaches this speed, your laundry will come out dry from the machine. Higher the RPM will provide drier clothes.

  • Whether drying environment is humid or dry, average temperatures are lower or higher will directly influence the time of drying for your laundry. Therefore, you should consider indicated ambient conditions as well, in order to choose the correct spin speed of your washing machine.

  • If you are looking for a washing machine running with an alternate type of power, such as solar energy, you may prefer washing machine with a double water-inlet. Those machines offer an attractive alternative for our consumers using alternative (solar) energy in addition to central heating and combo boilers. Your washing machine with a double water inlet can directly take in hot water from the tap rather than heating the water (thus, avoiding extra power consumption).

  • If hygiene is important for you, you may prefer products with the Hygiene/Baby function.

  • If you cannot spend long hours at home, you may choose the models with a Timer Program to start washing at a scheduled time.

  • If you easily want to follow all steps of the wash program, you may choose models with a LCD screen that displays the program time and steps until the end.

  • If you want to easily wash large laundry items, you may choose models with a Bedding Program which are capable of washing bulky items like quilts and bed coverings.

  • To suit your other white goods and furniture, you may prefer different colour options such as white, gray and maroon.